For those interested in shopping, Malaga is just as interesting a wee place. Nowadays you can find really extraordinarily reasonably priced flights however they do have the  disadvantage the you can only take hand luggage. However to those people who are considering shopping that they purchase a flight which includes check in luggage. Shopping prices are unbeatable and of course when you take the summer end of season sales into account it’s hard to hold yourself back. For sports people, animal lovers, the fashion conscious, for home decorators, and of course for those open to new experiences who are not afraid of crowds, there are the so called “Mercadillos”, street markets where you can get everything from fruit to clothes, make up, tablecloths, baby items, flowers, bags and everything at knock down prices. These street markets wander from place to place and can be large ( for example in Malaga itself) or smaller ( in Riogordo). In addition to these there is also a retail outlet village just like you would find in Britain or America with many brand name stores, such as: Nikeshop, Dieselshop, Geoxshop, Desigualshop and many more. In the Old Town of Malaga you will also find many boutiques, craft shops, souvenir shops and clothes shops for all tastes and in all price brackets. If you would prefer to have everything under one roof you can visit one of the many shopping centres. For example if it should actually ever rain or if the day before you have actually had a bit too much sun then the shopping centres offer a good, air conditioned option. Also, unlike the shops in the old town, shopping centres don’t close at siesta time and are therefore open all day.


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