Andalusia is a paradise for walkers. Whoever loves the hills will find amazing routes in the Sierra de Tejeda some of which offer alpine challenges. If you prefer a more gentle landscape the giant pine forests of the Montes of Malaga definitely stand out. Coastal walkers will discover  hidden and untouched bays along the steep cliffs to the East of Nerja.


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There are 2 walks which are worthy of particular note:


El Torcal:


El torcal is a natural park which can be reached in about 40 minutes by car from CASA PAZ Y MÁS. Here you will find dramatic scenery of the highest quality. The karst topography and landscape belong to some of the most impressive in Spain. Leaving from the visitor centre , where you will also find the car park, there are two well signposted circular walking routes through the whole area. The shorter of the two takes about an hour and you have to reckon with about two hours for the longer route. After the hike it is definitely visiting the restaurant the  “Plato de los montes” comes highly recommended.


El caminito del Rey:


The walkway of the Caminito del Rey leads you through an impressive gorge; exclusively for walkers not suffering from vertigo. In 2015 the walkway was completely redeveloped and impressively forges a path through the depths and heights of the ravine. The daily number of walkers that are allowed access is limited, therefore I would recommend that you book your tickets in advance. When you arrive there you will be given a helmet to wear along the walkway. The path in itself is not technically very demanding. This particular walkway is situated in the biggest climbing region in the south of Spain, “el chorro”. In the 6 month Winter period this region is really popular with climbers from all over Europe.


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