flora & fauna

In all honesty, we enjoy both very much. We are both delighted by and in awe of the unknown flowers, butterflies and birds. Although we rarely know them by name. Animals familiar to us are the ibex and the chamois. They scramble around the hills hidden from view or cheekily graze at the side of the rarely populated roads. We felt both delighted and  blessed when we caught sight of a freely wandering chameleon. These animals are threatened with extinction however they are native to the Axarquía region. We often see lizards sunning themselves on warm stones and rocks. They are usually so quick off the mark that  you rarely see them. On the other hand geckos wander along and up walls as if gravity didn't exist. They are somewhat slower and therefore we can watch them more closely. They are harmless, really interesting animals and should one of themnd its way into your room, think yourself lucky or call on us and we will remove it from your room without harming it. There are of course, less popular animals and insects, such as mosquitos. We have mounted mosquito nets to your windows. Therefore you can leave the windows open in the evening and the doors closed. You willnd olive trees all over our land, as you will everywhere. The olives are picked and processed in the autumn. Unfortunately they are inedible straight from the tree. Should you wish to try some, we have our own home made olive oil, from autumn 2016, which you are welcome to try or buy a bottle of.