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Spaniards are a nation of cyclists. You can see their enthusiasm clearly and not just when they embark on the famous Andalusian tour of Spain the “Vuelta”. At the weekend you meet more racing cyclists on the isolated mountain roads inland than you do cars. The numerous cycle routes in this mountainous region offer ambitious cyclists a wide choice. The milder Winter temperatures are very popular in preparation for the cycle season.


The highlight of the region is to be  found in Granada. The highest pass - where the road goes as high as 3 384 m. At this height the “Pico de Valeta” is the highest pass-road in Europe that can be accessed with a racing cycle.

From Granada there are 57km of roads at 2 870 heights to conquer.


The roads around CASA PAZ Y MÁS lead to heights of approximate 1 000 at the Puerto del Sol and there are fantastic vistas to the sea.


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Here in the hotel we have 2 mountain bikes for rent.

For ambitious sports people we recommend bringing your own bike or renting from a specialist and to this end we can recommend the Bike2Malaga company. This company offers a collect and deliver service so you can have bike delivered directly to you here at CASA PAZ Y MÁS.