A little about us

We are a small family, ready for adventures, consisting of two adults, a young child, a poodle, two house cats, Swiss tabby cats, who in contrast to similar local cats appear somewhat rounder and with shorter legs. It could well be that they just like their food, like the rest of the family. Originally we came to Andalusia for a year. Due to the many two and four legged family members this was anything but simple. But it wasn’t an option to leave anyone behind. As our year abroad was nearing its end, we had to start preparations for the return journey. However, instead of doing this we looked for an opportunity to enable us to stay in what had become in the meantime, our beloved Andalusia. The dream became a reality.




Industry economist and most recently marketing director with Lucerne Tourist Board. In Andalusia Lukas has been able to follow his passions of welcoming  guests and ensuring their needs are met. He loves the mountains and any sports which he can practise in their heights. In the surrounding areas of Riogordo he can go cycling, hill walking and climbing. In Riogordo Lukas doesn’t even have to do without winter sports. In the Sierra Nevada there is a large ski resort that is suitable for all needs. He also dedicates time to dog agility sports and trains enthusiastically with our dog Picasso. When time allows he competes successfully in competitions. Lukas is also a loving father and gives his daughter much time and attention.



 Alexia has a degree in Psychology behind her and was most recently employed at the Link Institute for Market Research. In contrast to Lukas, Alexia prefers wide open spaces rather than heights, e.g. the wide expanse of the sea has a hypnotic effect. For a long time Alexia was a dancer, from Ballet to jazz, flamenco to Salsa. Later she totally dedicated herself to the Korean fighting sport Taekwondo. However her sporting ambitions have somewhat given way to reading, photography and  filming, which she self edits. Her latest passion is sewing and she is a rather crazy mum, who likes dancing with her daughter  and singing loudly. That doesn’t mean that she sings well, forgive me for saying so. Alexia speaksuent Spanish as both her parents spoke Spanish with her. Now it is her daughter Dalia’s turn to enjoy this priceless and valuable gift.




Born in December 2013. Her passions are play parks, milk and her “woof woof” She is currently learning to speak and constantly astonishes us with her funny ideas, powers of observation and her understanding of what we are doing. She is very much a wanted child but nevertheless has us climbing the walls with her strength of character. Dalia currently attends the local day school as in Spain children go to school from the age of  three.



Shy, ginger tomcat.



Crazy tricolour cat.



Our middle sized poodle who has recently become somewhat calmer. He has the waggiest tail in the whole of Riogordo. He is friendly and playful with a good temperament.



Crazy middle sized poodle puppy (18.12.16), who always wants to play. Please, play with me!




New family-member




Adopted spanish cat.